On January 1st, 2021 our first external funding round started. We aim to find participants who will each invest €50.000, for a 5% part of the company. The company will be incorporated as a UK Limited. The first three parts are allocated to the current management. The funding round will close when the first 20 participants have subscribed.

We are from the Eindhoven area of the Netherlands. This is where the world’s first cultured hamburger came from. It is also (one of) the most technologically advanced regions of Europe. It is also the home of ASML. We think manufactured meat is going to change the world for much better. Join us in helping to make it happen!

Long term

ASML? What do they have to do with cultured blood?

Well, maybe not much… but ASML make very large, bespoke chip-manufacturing machines for large scale production of chips. We aim to follow a similar business model in the manufactured meat industry.

Our deliverable in the long term will be large, bespoke blood-recycle machines, used in the large scale production of manufactured meat. (Production phase)


Our approach to evolution of the company will be risk-based: addressing the biggest risks first, de-risking as soon as possible. We think the technology needs development. The manufactured meat industry is currently progressing from research into development. At the moment many groups of people are working on research, mainly in universities.

However, we anticipate many start-ups in the next few years to do with manufactured meat. These will need blood circulation technology very soon. We aim to adres this problem next. (Sales phase)

The initial sales phase should give us much experience to optimize the blood-circulation process for manufacturing purposes.

Near term

We will start with the building of an artificial blood circulation system. The technology for this has been proven, but no real end-to-end system has been demonstrated so far. We aim to do this in the next year. (Technology phase). In doing so, we hope to establish some patents.

After that, we will start offering blood-circulation related products to the market of manufactured meat research and especially start-up companies in this area. We expect there will be many start-ups soon.

Partner with us

Now is the early dawn of a completely new industry, which will cause many good changes in society. There are opportunities to stake a claim. The industry will grow up, more people will realize its potential and value will be created.

We are in the process of starting up. Defining a business strategy, getting the team together, finding the funding and location. We have initial (beta) customers and are open to additional, serious partners. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our technology, customers, market, company strategy or partnering opportunities!

To start the conversation contact our CEO, Robert ten Hoor, on!