At the moment the team is growing. With this team, we aim to build a blood circulation system.

We are looking for technical experts who are ready to dive into a wholly new area of practical development. We will need people with a biotechnology background, especially with knowledge of hematology and endocrinology.  We will also need people with a technical mindset like clinical technologists.



Robert ten Hoor


Robert ten Hoor, CEO

Studied computer science at Delft University of Technology. Lived and worked in many countries for about 10 years. Most of the time in London where he worked as business strategy consultant. He was involved in many start-ups, investor roadshows etc. Now back in the Netherlands for about 15 years. He is entrepreneur, also involved in some smaller start-ups like EfficientFashion and SchienenZeppelin.






Wim van den Broek, CFO

Wim has over 20 year of experience as CFO. He has worked as controller, director of finance and CFO in high-tech start-up environments. Wim will be in charge of the capital funding rounds.






Marco Stijnen


Marco Stijnen, R&D Director

Marco received his PhD in 2004 in biomechanical engineering from the Eindhoven Technical University. His thesis focused on blood flows. After that he gained years of experience in a variety of cardio vascular research projects during his work at Hemolab and later as group as director of R&D at LifeTec Group. Marco will design and lead the biotechnology of the blood circulation.






Edwin Smulders


Edwin Smulders, CTO

Edwin is a physicist with a degree from the University of Utrecht. He has many years of experience as Chief Technical Officer of precision engineered production equipment at Tegema. Edwin will be in charge of the technical engineering aspects of the whole system.